Our Magnetic Qualification Facility (MQF) is situated close to the Lake of Constance in a sandstone cave 70 m deep inside of a hill. Minimum man made magnetic interference and vibration are ideal conditions for highly precise magnetic qualification measurements and specification assessment.


  • Calibrated 3D-Helmholtzcoil system with 2 m diameter
  • Total field magnetometer with 170 µT range
  • Tensor SQUID magnetometer/gradiometer
  • Fluxgates
  • Variable temperature facility
  • Temperature stabilized precision resistors
  • High precision current source
  • 8.5 digits precision voltmeter


  • High precision absolute field measurements within +/- 1 mT range
  • Long term stability measurement over 1 week
  • High precision field orthogonality measurement
  • Linearity measurement
  • Temperature range -20 to 50 ˚C