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General information

Our coil systems are specially designed to generate very large magnetic fields in 1 to 3 dimensions. Every system essentially consists of 2 units: The coil system and the current control system to set the coil currents.

The systems can be used for calibration, to compensate external fields, to generate specific magnetic fields, magnetic gradients etc.

Detailed specifications

As every customer has its own specific requirements, all coil systems we build are customized to meet the particular needs. There is a solution for nearly any specification. Our specification scope ranges from:

  • Frequency ranges: DC to 4 MHz,
  • Field ranges: from a few microtesla to 200 millitesla
  • Homogenity ranges: <0.01% to >1%, also over large volumes with small coil sizes
  • Field stabilities up to a few ppm FS
  • Size range from a few cm to more than 200 m
  • Actively compensated for environmental changes or uncompensated (optional)
  • Generating both magnetic fields and magnetic gradients with or without compensation
  • Magnetic far field drop off: r-3 to r-11

To help customizing your system, we prepared a list with questions, which you can find in the download section. Answering these questions will allow us to give you a serious quotation.