• EMMS
  • EMMS

System overview

STL's unique 26 bit ADC's in a novel underwater system to measure magnetic and electric fields, called EMMS (Electric and Magnetic Measurement System). Three or more sensor platforms are connected to a base station in a chain configuration by a single cable used for power and data transmission as well as for deployment and recovery.

In addition the system can be equipped with sensors to measure acoustic and pressure signatures as well as environmental information like water current vector, temperature and conductivity. The sensor system also includes DGPS and, therefore, is able to track the target traces with high precision. All signal channels can be read out and visualized in quasi real-time.


  • Real-time signal monitoring
  • Fully digital with 8 digits dynamic
  • Bandwidth up to 20 kHz
  • E- and B-field synchroneously measured
  • DGPS precision tracking
  • Geodetic autoleveling
  • 100 m water depth

Detailed specifications